Conference Exhibitors List

Aerotech, Inc.

Manufacturer of motion control and automation systems for research and development, including nanotechnology and synchrotron applications.

Agilent Technologies (formerly Varian, Inc.)

Agilent Technologies (formerly Varian, Inc.) is a world leader in providing total vacuum solutions to the scientific research community and industry. One of the only manufacturers to offer a complete pumping range from rough to ultra-high vacuum, Agilent offers unique expertise in applications, support, and system design to integrate these superior components into optimized vacuum solutions. Product offerings include: • Turbo Pumps (featuring new TwisTorr technology) • Roughing Pumps (dry and rotary vane) • Ion pumps • High Vacuum Pump Stations • Full line of Gauges • Hardware & Valves • Leak Detectors • Services & Supplies • Training Seminars

Apparati, Inc.

Apparati, Inc. is a distributor and representative of selected high-quality UHV components. We also do consulting and design work for electron optics and sample handling applications. We have a long history in surface science and NASA mission applications.

Applied Surface Technologies

We will show precision cleaning solutions using CO2 Snow -- a safe & nondestructive process for removing particles of all sizes (down below 0.03 micron), and also organic residues. The Snow Jet cleaning process is a simple, yet novel surface cleaning process, and works well for many substrates, vacuum parts, analytical samples (XPS, AFM), and many other applications. Data demonstrating improved imaging for AFM samples will be shown. We will show manual units, semi-automated units for cleaning applications for metals, ceramics, substrates, optics of all kind, vacuum parts, and many other areas. Please bring samples!

Blake Industries, Inc.

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Blake Industries is a leader in supplying high-precision x-ray and neutron instrumentation to research labs, university, and synchrotron beam lines worldwide. We are the exclusive distributors for Huber instruments in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada with multiple installations at all the North American synchrotrons.

Bruker Advanced Supercon GmbH

Bruker ASC, a former ACCEL Instruments business, provides a complete spectrum of synchrotron beamlines instrumentation, from insertion devices to experimental stations. Within the Bruker group, Bruker ASC is specializing in synchrotron instrumentation and superconducting magnet devices. We are a leading supplier of complete beamlines, insertion devices, beamline components (monochromators, mirror systems, slit systems, etc.) and experimental stations (e.g., for microscopy or crystallography). We can support your project during all stages from ray tracing and FEM studies, design, manufacturing, installation, to commissioning at the synchrotron. With the recent integration of AIXUV, a leading manufacturer of soft x-ray plasma sources, we offer brilliant soft x-ray laboratory sources and integrated stand-alone systems to make available synchrotron techniques in your home lab.


Canberra is the world's leading supplier of analytical instrumentation, application-oriented systems, and services used for the measurement and quantification of radioactive material.

The Cooke Corporation

COOKE offers high-speed and high-performance CCD, CMOS, and ICCD camera systems to scientific, automotive, and military markets. The pco.dimax high-speed 12-bit camera gives 1279 fps at 2016 x 2016 and 4502 fps at 1008 x 1000 pixels; intensified camera systems and specialized cameras featuring double shutters are useful in PIV and fuel spray imaging. Imaging-related products include pulsed, high-intensity lighting systems designed for capturing high-speed phenomena such as in dynamic Schlieren applications.


DECTRIS is the first company worldwide to sell novel, hybrid-pixel x-ray detector systems that operate in single-photon counting mode. This new technology features a very high dynamic range, a short readout time, and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. These properties significantly improve measurement quality and throughput in many areas such as basic research at synchrotron light sources, laboratory diffraction systems, or for industrial and medical applications. DECTRIS offers a variety of detector systems scaled to meet the needs of different applications.

Goodfellow Corporation

Goodfellow supplies small-to-medium quantities of metals and materials for research, development, and prototyping. Our catalog lists a comprehensive range of materials in many forms including rods, wires, tubes, and foils. There is no minimum order quantity and items are in stock for immediate shipment worldwide. Custom-made items are available to special order.

Hamamatsu Corporation

Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan), a leading manufacturer of devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. These devices include photodiodes, photomultiplier tubes, scientific light sources, infrared detectors, photoconductive cells, and image sensors. The parent company is dedicated to the advancement of photonics through extensive research. This corporate philosophy results in state-of-the-art products that are used throughout the world in scientific, industrial, and commercial applications.

Incoatec GmbH

Incoatec develops and manufactures sophisticated multilayer and total-reflection x-ray optics as well as microfocus x-ray sources for in-house crystallography and synchrotron applications. For synchrotron beamlines, we especially offer ultra stable total reflection optics for free-electron lasers, double-crystal multilayer monochromators, multistripe multilayers, and 2D beam-shaping Montel Optics (nested Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors). Our production technology is capable of deposition of thin films on substrate lengths up to 150 cm.

Instrument Design Technology Ltd.

Instrument Design Technology Ltd. designs and builds complete hard x-ray beamlines and all optical monochromators including cryo-cooled, water-cooled, and scanning as well as large and small mirror systems plus high-heat-load slits and filters, beam diagnostics, and optical tables. We have delivered five complete beamlines to facilities worldwide and can provide full support from concept to commissioning with beam.

International Radiation Detectors, Inc.

International Radiation Detectors, Inc. is a manufacturer of stable UV, VUV, EUV, and soft x-ray photon and electron detectors and associated electronics. Standard and custom diode geometries are available. Diodes with integrated filters at central wavelengths between 1 nm and 122 nm are available for most diodes. Diodes with known silicon thickness are available for use as absolute x-ray detectors to energies exceeding 60 keV. Radiometric facilities for in-house characterization are available from 190 nm to 2500 nm. IRD is the only NIST-approved vendor for silicon photodiode transfer standards in the 5 nm to 250 nm spectral region.

K-TEK Nanotechnology

K-TEK Nanotechnology is a distributor of a wide variety of high-quality SPM laboratory supplies and accessories, specializing in AFM probes and calibration gratings. Our commitment to provide our customers with superior service and competitive pricing has allowed us to develop strong, lasting relationships within the nanotech community. In order to meet our customers’ needs, we offer the finest in:

  • Standard & Specialty AFM Probes
  • All-Diamond Probes
  • Needle Probes
  • SNOM Probes
  • HOPGs
  • Substrates
  • Calibration Gratings
  • Desiccators

Kohzu Precision Co., Ltd.

Kohzu Precision, Japan, develops, designs, and assembles x-ray experimental instruments and double-crystal monochromators.

Kurt J. Lesker Company

The Kurt J. Lesker Company is a manufacturer/distributor of standard and custom high vacuum and UHV chambers and engineered solutions, standard and custom vacuum hardware, feedthroughs, valves, and vacuum pumps of all types. Our extensive inventory of vacuum components and supply chain management expertise work to our customers’ advantage. KJLC's engineering department is staffed with professional engineers and mechanical designers who are thoroughly versed in all aspects of product design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. In addition, our security program meets all International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) requirements. Free 950-page full-color catalog available.

Midwest Vacuum, Inc.

Midwest Vacuum, Inc. is a manufacturers' representative agency in business since 1983, supplying the vacuum to UHV user industry with top quality components, instrumentation, pumps, and systems.

National Instruments

Engineers, scientists, and physicists worldwide are working to solve challenges in areas such as particle physics, fusion, and astronomy. From being able to program embedded real-time systems based on multicore processors and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), to working with high-speed data acquisition systems requiring timing and synchronization, engineers, scientists, and physicists use National Instruments' commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware to help them meet their control and instrumentation needs. For more information, visit

Omicron NanoTechnology USA

OMICRON NanoTechnology is the premier supplier of UHV instruments for nanoscience-related research. Our display highlights the NanoSAM Scanning Auger Microscopy system (3-nm UHV-SEM, 5-nm SAM resolution) and our ESCA+ photoelectron spectroscopy system. The Variable Temperature STM/AFM is now available with a non-optical force sensor. From materials development to characterization, Omicron can help.

Oxford Instruments America

Oxford Instruments NanoScience is a leading manufacturer of scientific equipment supplying ultra-low-temperature and high-magnetic-field sample environments for research applications. The product range includes dilution refrigerators, 3He inserts, superconducting magnets, optical and spectroscopy cryostats, and an ever increasing range of Cryofree® and helium recondensing solutions.

Phytron, Inc.

Established in 1947, Phytron is a leading manufacturer of stepper motors and controls. Phytron offers stepper motors for use in extreme environments such as vacuum, radiation, cryogenic and space. Unparalleled quality, innovation, full in-house testing and qualification and flexibility in custom design combined with motors as small as 19 mm in diameter are just some of the reasons that have put Phytron in the forefront of stepper motor technology. Our products are widely used in synchrotron labs. We also make special stepper drivers to adapt to the standard controllers and cabling of most synchrotron labs.

Precision Ferrites and Ceramics, Inc.

Custom fabrication of ceramic components for vacuum tubes.

Pro-Dex, Oregon Micro Systems

Pro-Dex Oregon Micro Systems provides rock-solid motion control solutions in applications where failure is not an option. For over 30 years designers have been utilizing Pro-Dex OMS for critical applications such as nuclear fusion, vital medical analysis, hazardous environment testing, and delicate production equipment as well as the relatively simple system where the highest reliability is required. Some of the markets we serve include semiconductor equipment, medical diagnostics, factory automation, and government research laboratories around the world. Pro-Dex OMS products control one to 10 axes on a single controller for servo and/or stepper motor control. Controllers for PCI, PC/104, and VME bus as well as Ethernet, RS232, and USB are available. The products are extremely flexible due to their modular design, offer a rich feature set for comprehensive movements, fit even the tightest design envelopes, and are surprisingly affordable. And when off-the-shelf won't work for you, Pro-Dex OMS will customize product platforms to ensure that you get exactly what your application requires. There are currently over 500,000 axes of Pro-Dex OMS motion control being used around the world. When you need reliability, accuracy, flexibility, advanced features, and affordability, find out why so many design engineers turn to Pro-Dex OMS.

Quantum Detectors

Quantum Detectors is a spinout company benefiting from the detector R&D efforts at Diamond, STFC, and the pioneering SRS. The company offers unique access to fast 1D detectors, high-rate multi-element germanium detector readouts, and a range of other innovative systems. Visit our stand for more information or see our website at

Queensgate Instruments Ltd.

A pioneer in their field, Queensgate Instruments has delivered accurate, cost effective nano positioning systems to the world for three decades. A long history in the production of multi axis and rotational nano positioning stages and capacitive nano sensors with sub-atomic resolution places us at the forefront of this rapidly developing technology. Our applications include beamline operations; x-ray monochromators; laser beam steering; free electron laser tuning; valve control; x-ray, optical, and force microscopy; noncontact precision measurement, hard disk drive testing; nano lithography; defense; and space. Our solutions incorporate linear actuators, multi-axis stages, AFM/SPM lens positioners, tip/tilt mirrors, nano sensors, digital translators, multi-axis controllers, and custom solutions. Our services highlight our experience, capability, and world-leading expertise—helping you find your unique solution.

Rayonix, L.L.C.

Rayonix, L.L.C. has a long history of developing state-of-the-art area detectors for x-ray diffraction. The current products of Rayonix include a single-chip CCD detector, the SX165 (updated version of the popular MarCCD), the SX200 (a large format single-chip detector), and various multi-chip CCD detectors: the MX225, MX300, and MX325. Rayonix recently developed the new MX HE (high efficiency) series, the first mosaic detectors built with thinned back-illuminated CCD chips. These highly sensitive detectors are especially suited to SAXS and microcrystal diffraction. Our upcoming product is the MX HS (high speed) detector, a high frame-rate mosaic CCD detector utilizing frame transfer CCDs. The MX HS detector is ideal for high throughput synchrotron protein crystallography and time-resolved x-ray diffraction. We also distribute Marresearch GmbH products in North America including the Mar345 Image Plate, MarDTB goniometer, and MarCSC cryogenic sample changer.

Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc.

Rigaku develops, designs, and builds CCD detectors and multilayer-coated optics for synchrotron beamlines and end stations. Come learn about our new beam monitoring CCD with 1-micron resolution. Capabilities include multiple-stripe double monochromators, doubly focusing optics for SAXS and other applications, graded d-spacing structures, and coatings on complex optical shapes with bandpass designed from under 0.5% to above 10%. We also build multiwire detectors, robotic sample handling systems, and ferrofluidic rotary motion feedthroughs.

Square One Systems Design

Recognizing the precision positioning and automation needs of several US national laboratories, over the past five years Square One has been refining and building a system to address these requirements. Our company began by taking a concept of a positioning system and collaborating with Stanford Linear Accelerator to develop the technology. Since the initial development, Square One has partnered with Oak Ridge National Laboratories and the Spallation Neutron Source to supply positioning tables for the experimental equipment and automation of sample exchange. We continue to pursue new business partners by keeping current with the needs of the industry and actively seeking interaction with a broad range of customers.

Steinmeyer, Inc.

Steinmeyer manufactures a complete line of precision linear and rotary stages including multi-axis configurations, with or without controls. Drive systems include ball screws, linear motors, or piezo motors. Custom solutions are available for high-vacuum and non-magnetic applications. Motors and drives are often built in for space saving solutions!

Struck Innovative Systeme GmbH

Struck Innovative Systeme offers board level data acquisition electronics. The product range comprises high-speed interfaces/bus couplers, digital I/O--including the renown SIS3820 MCS- and digitizers. Semiconductor detector readout applications with optional Multi Channel Analyzer (MCA) functionality are covered by our SIS3302 100 MS/s 16-bit card, while the 5 GS/s 10-bit SIS3305 meets high speed requirements. During this SRI conference, we will give an update on our SIS8300 digitizer activities. The SIs8300 is our first card designed according to the evolving xTCA for Physics standard.

Thermionics Vacuum Products

Thermionics Vacuum Products manufactures vacuum components, systems, and accessories for production and research applications including: our new line of LHe-cooled manipulators; our new VE™ series evaporator system; our 1500-cc capacity IC series e-Gun™; our RC series of 3-kW sources; our HC series e-Guns™ with dual filament capability for demanding production coating applications; our new compact line of manipulators; PyraFlat™ rectangular flanges and waveguides; TriMetal™ bi-metallic flanges and fittings; gate and poppet valves; sample handling and transfer systems; ion pumps; maTChed™ thermocouple gauges; and mechanical, electrical, and fluid feedthroughs.

TOYAMA Co., Ltd.

Toyama is fundamentally an engineering company manufacturing ultra-precision systems for experimentation at the cutting edge of science. From its head office 20 miles west of Tokyo, Toyama’s 100 full-time staff are working together with scientists and engineers from leading research institutes worldwide to develop instrumentation in fields as diverse as synchrotron radiation, nuclear physics, semiconductor technology, and fusion research. Toyama is proud of its traditions of excellence in engineering design and manufacturing. Our extensive workshop facilities and highly trained manufacturing personnel give us very flexible production capabilities and ensure the quality of the components that are built into our systems. Toyama’s instrumentation is held in high regard by many engineers and scientists. Toyama’s purpose is to continue to support research and development activities at the cutting edge of science. It is our intention to be the “Best Partner for Scientists.”

VG Scienta, Inc.

VG Scienta, a Gammadata company with factories located in the United Kingdom and Sweden, has more than forty years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of UHV vacuum components & systems and a leading supplier of state-of-the-art electron spectroscopy equipment. Our scientific offering includes ultrahigh resolution electron spectrometers, x-ray emission spectrometers and high-intensity UV and x-ray sources. Our vacuum product offering includes custom designed 304, 316SS & Mu Metal vacuum chambers, linear translators, XYZ manipulators, cryostats, the SoftShut gate valve series, and all-metal angle & leak valves. Our two facilities are considered to be the world's premier supplier of quality products to the exacting standards of the vacuum and surface science market.

WIENER Plein & Baus Corp.

High performance electronic instrumentation and data acquisition for physics research: WIENER - NIM, CAMAC, VME/VME64x/VXI crates and modules, low voltage power supplies and systems; ISEG - high voltage modules in NIM, CAMAC and VME, high voltage systems; HYTEC - VME / VME64x /uTCA instrumentation, EPICS supported; and MESYTEC - detector read out electronics, preamplifier, amplifier, data acquisition systems.


Xenocs supplies advanced x-ray optics and x-ray beam delivery systems both for for laboratory setups and synchrotron beamlines. Typically, our single-reflection multilayer mirrors can be efficiently used as refocusing optics to generate a micrometric spot size for microdiffraction applications. More recently, Xenocs also introduced innovative scatterless slits systems, which have been qualified by major SAXS beamlines around the globe.

XGLab S.R.L.

XGLab is a new spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano specialized in x-ray and gamma-ray applications and focused mainly on silicon drift detectors. Products of XGlab include spectrometers, VLSI circuits, electronics functional boards, and instruments for applications in the field of radiation detection and imaging. XGLab offers its customers customized design work and complete radiation detection systems.


XIA LLC develops and sells advanced signal processing solutions for x-ray and gamma-ray detectors and related instruments—including OEM—for applications in research, industry, and homeland security. Our core technology is high-performance digital pulse processors, available in both flexible stand-alone and dedicated embedded configurations as well as multi-channel configurations. From low-power, hand-held spectrometry through extremely high count rate applications to integrated multi-element systems, XIA provides solutions that advance the state of the art yet are affordably priced.

Enabling Science and Innovation

Advances in synchrotron instrumentation, from sources through optics to detectors, have made possible the development of novel techniques to address pressing scientific questions that impact our daily life. SRI2010 is a forum to highlight these connections between synchrotron radiation instrumentation, science, and society.



  • Advanced Light Source
  • Advanced Photon Source
  • Center for Advanced Microstructures & Devices
  • Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source
  • Canadian Light Source
  • Jefferson Lab
  • Linac Coherent Light Source
  • Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron
  • National Synchrotron Light Source
  • National Synchrotron Light Source - II
  • Synchrotron Radiation Center
  • Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility
  • Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

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